How does a silent disco work?

Organizing a silent disco event… Sounds fun! But how does it work?

Pick-up your silent disco headphones at one of our pick-up locations. We can also deliver your headphones. Now you have your headphones and transmitter(s), it’s time to set-up your silent disco!

  1. Turn on the transmitter.
  2. Connect the transmitter to your phone, laptop, computer or DJ equipment. This can be done easily by using the supplied cable(s) or via a bluetooth connection. To connect with bluetooth, press the bluetooth button on the transmitter and hold for a few seconds to connect with your device. Your transmitter is now connected to the headphones.
  3. Turn your silent disco headphones on. Chose a channel and adjust the volume if necessary. Your headphones are now ready to use!
  4. Play your best tunes and let’s PARTY!

Watch our videos (in Dutch) on how to use your headphones.
Our technical department explains in 5 easy steps how to connect and use the silent disco headphones.