Frequently asked questions

What is silent disco?

A silent disco is an event, party or get together where people are listening to music via by wearing a wireless headphone. With the silent disco headphone you can listen, sing along and dance to all your favorite songs! The headphone is connected (wireless) with one or multiple transmitters/channels. The transmitter is connected to a phone, computer, laptop, DJ set or any other equipment that plays music.  The silent disco headphones are actually a replacement for speakers. Perfect to prevent nuisance and keep your neighbors happy!

What does it cost to organize my own silent disco event?

For only €4,00 per headphone (VAT included) per night you are able to organize your own silent disco event! One transmitter/channel is included. Want to use multiple channels? Rent an extra transmitter/channel for only €20. Please note: we use a fixed rental rate of €40 for 1 – 10 headphones.

How many channels can I use for my silent disco event?

The maximum number of channels for your silent disco is 3. Every transmitter is equal to a channel with its own color; blue, red or green. The colored LED lights on the headphones show which channel you are listening to and at the same time give a cool effect, especially in the night. By using multiple channels with different music sounds, you and your friends can enjoy different types of music at the same time.

What kind of devices can I connect to the transmitter?

You can connect your phone, tablet, computer, laptop and/or DJ set to the transmitter. Depending on the device you will use, we make sure to provide you with the needed connections and cables. Any other device or equipment that plays music can also be connected to the transmitter.

Do I have to arrange the music myself?

Be the DJ at your own party! You can easily play music from your phone or laptop by using a playlist on Spotify or Soundcloud. No idea what to play or looking for some inspiration? We set up a few Spotify playlists for you. Check out our Silent Rave Spotify account here. Found a DJ for your party but no equipment? We also rent out a complete DJ set for €150 (VAT included). A professional DJ including all equipment can also be arranged by us (price on request).

Can I connect my phone using bluetooth?

Yes you can! We have wireless transmitters that work on battery and are able to make a bluetooth connection.

How long does the battery last?

The battery of the silent disco headphones lasts 8 – 10 hours. More than enough for your party to last the whole night! If you rent for more than one day/night, we will include chargers to make sure you are never out of music.

Why should I rent multiple transmitters/channels?

Renting multiple transmitters/channels will complete your silent disco. By using multiple channels you and your friends can listen to multiple music genres at the same time.

What is the range of the transmitter and headphones?

Our transmitters and headphones have a range of 500 meter.

Are the headphones suited for kids?

Yes! Only if they ate enough peanut butter sandwiches ;-).

How can I make a reservation?

You can easily book your silent disco headphones and make a reservation through our website by using the BOOK NOW or buttons.

Can I rent headphones for multiple days?

Yes! Please make sure to make note of this during your booking. For multi-day use, we’ll include the necessary chargers.

What about the pick-up and returns?

The silent disco headphones can be picked-up and returned at one of our offices on appointment. We are located in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg, Dordrecht and Nijmegen. We also do delivery. Please contact us for the possibilities.

How much deposit do I have to pay?

The deposit is equal to the total rent. For example, if the total rent for headphones is €50, the deposit you’ll pay is also €50. Please bring your deposit in cash.

How can I pay?

You can directly pay when making an online booking.

Is it possible to have the headphones delivered?

We also do delivery. This is possible for an additional price. Please contact us for the possibilities!